Sunday, 12 November 2017

Latest Album Musings

It was back into the studio the other day to talk about my latest album. The plan is to record 12 tracks. I have loved making most of this album myself, selecting the sounds I feel express the songs as I have wanted and it’s been a really interesting way of working. I have come up with the strings arrangements, the piano parts, vocal lead line, harmonies, flute and additional parts that may or may not become part of the final version of the songs.

I have had some enlightening conversations recently about creating music and the creative process it takes a writer through that I wanted to share. I have come to realise how easy it is to rush the creative process just to get a new album out there, but the beauty of being an independent artist is that you can truly allow your music to breathe and take it’s own time to emerge. 

When I have spoken to what I would consider true artists, I experience the sense of exploration, freedom and nurturing they have over their projects. They have influenced me to believe that it’s a process that’s a bit like growing your own plants.. It’s like there is a time to develop an idea that simply cannot be rushed, a time to finalise the idea and then the time to record it, but then this too cannot be forced. It is only through gradual progress and, like an artist would paint a painting, adding subtle colours here and there at poignant parts within a song that the true meaning of art starts to take shape.

I don’t plan to take forever over the album, but I do plan to get the best out of all the songs. I realise so much more now that less is truly more when it comes to arranging songs. I used to love a more ‘produced’ sound, but now I realise the importance of allowing a track to ‘breathe’, coming back to it to listen to it again with fresh ears every now and then gives me new ideas and inspiration.
It’s incredible how ideas come and I have experienced a certain synchronicity in life that seems to guide artists and writers. 

Furthermore, I spoke recently to a drummer who was telling me the importance in drumming of counting the ‘space’ between beats. It makes complete sense to me and gives me a feel for what keeps drummers so fantastically well in time as they have to be. It makes sense in music too - there is a spectrum of notes a composer can use and different colours we can create in the music according to the instrumentation used. Finally, there is pulling the whole thing together to make an album as I am doing right now; one that makes sense to the listener in terms of the sounds and the overall theme of it. It makes for an interesting process all round and one in which to become absorbed in - the expression of art. 

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Latest News roundup!

Hey guys!

Thought it might be about right if I was to write you all a blog to let you know how things are progressing, and to keep things all in one place!! I appreciate things get so far down on the page in facebook at times!!

So, how are you all? Hopefully you have all enjoyed your weekend and are ready for the week ahead!

Latest news - in brief

- New branding to be going forward very soon across all my sites giving Amanda Shaw Music, a little more 'identity' and east to follow links/ making sure everything works as it should!
- Collaboration with 2 dance producers (Yossi and The Cool Madina)
- Working on new songs with amazing 2 country writing/ producing groups who have both got great credentials to their name (both groups are under publishing companies)
- Offered Publishing contract through Independent Publishing company, Leopard Music for my song 'Summer's Day' co-written with Maggie K De Monde.
- My aim is to get the quality of everything i put out there to a high standard, and take off anything that isn't of the best quality - so you will see a much more professional 'look' to Amanda Shaw Music coming soon with the new branding etc!
- Live Performances coming up and where you can find them, PLUS developments that could lead to Live Performances in the US, and around Europe!


American Writing Teams

Wow! I feel like I've been inundated with new projects and am REALLY excited
about all of them!! 2 extremely talented song-writing teams are pitching me songs 
at the moment! :) 

American song-writers Buzz Sparta (writer) and Jimmy Hyche (producer) I am honoured

to be working with you! Basically Buzz sent me some songs that he'd written to give me a
feel for what he does. I love what he writes, he also writes for BMI in Nashville, and is 
writing songs specifically for me which I am extremely lucky to have done for me! I am
yet to have a skype call from the guys later today - so really looking forward to hearing 
their ideas!

I am also working with a separate song-writing team who are based in America, thank you Jason Hamor, Jessika Nickel and Jeremy Starkell! The song you've sent me is absolutely fantastic, and I'm really excited to get working on it! It's a pop-country track (very current) and I have been sent the backing so I can get to work on it! It will be posted onto my soundcloud when complete, and I'd also like to get the song onto a new album and will be made available for digital download too :) 

Dance Music Collaborations

So, I also have 2 main dance collaborations at the moment I am working on too... 

The Cool Madina - I am working on one of his songs, laying down vocals and flute, I am really excited about this track, because I feel it really does have something very special about it. It's chill out music, and I feel it could make it to the Ibiza market... (this is where we aim to pitch it) really can't wait to complete the track - it's pretty exciting! This again, will be available for you to see FIRST before anyone else for free up on my soundcloud page! :) You can hear more of The Cool Madina's Music at:

Yossi, who  has worked with the likes of the amazing Dave Emmanuel, Dave has worked with some big names in dance music:

"Dave Emanuel, a pseudonym of Swiss Producer & DJ David Hoerhager, is known across the globe. Born in 1990, he was caught by EDM at the age of 13 years and started to produce his own music only shortly after. By the time he was 17, his songs had already been played on BBC1. Since then his Music has been supported by acts such as Tiesto, Armin van Buuren and Paul van Dyk with releases on lables such as Streamlined (Spinnin'), BeYourselfMusic and TRXX (Plasmapool). As a mastering and mixing engineer, he has worked on Tracks that have been released on Nicky Romero's Protocol Recordings as well as Spinnin' and Armada Music. Dave Emanuel is not his only alias. He released songs under the guises of Subnautic as well as David Horberg, has done productions and coproductions for several well-known artists (e.g. Dave202) and is working in two production teams called BakinPower (with Georg Salib) and Demara (with Ramez Mof and Marwan Balbaa). Therefore It's no wonder that his discography is long, counting over 150 releases on Beatport and spanning all genres from Minimal Techno to Progressive House and Uplifting Trance." Taken from Beatport Website.. 

I'm really happy to say Yossi has asked me to record some vocals on one of his tracks 'Chasing The Sun' and the aim is to get the track on to a dance label, so I will keep you all posted about how that goes!! 

Publishing of my track Summer's Day!

I have been offered a publishing contract through Independent Publisher, Leopard Music, for my song 'Summer's Day' The song was co-written with Maggie K De Monde, (Scarlet Fantastic, Swan's Way) and I am really excited about the future for this track! More news to come on the Publishing Deal soon. 

NEW BRANDING and ease of use of my sites!

I am currently working with a company who are assisting me with the branding of Amanda Shaw Music, and i love the new design they have come up with for a custom made website.. it's looking absolutely fabulous (darling!) lol so can't wait for the new developments in that field too. The idea is to just make everything much more accessible as well for you guys, and to give my music a more professional edge and look. So, expect to see direct links and buttons which are easy to use and to be able to click straight through to the buy link as well as everything else. I want to make life much easier for you!!! 

New videos up via YOUTUBE

As you will see on my youtube, there are now a whole host of videos up there taken from a few performances... my next video project is to get a video together that is MTV ready to go complete with interview etc... so that it can then be promoted through TV.. I have various links into getting my music to TV and so, it's all about getting the quality right! :) 

Live Performances/ Pledge Music Campaign

If you are free on the 7th September, do feel free to come along to Brentford Festival to see me play LIVE! I will be on the acoustic stage for this well-known event, and it's going to be great fun!! 

For more of my live performances go to:

I have also just been asked by a promoter in the USA whether I can come over to play some live shows, accompanied by Whitney Doucet, who has just a few weeks ago done a gig with the amazing Keith Urban - one of my pop-country music heros! Absolutely love his music!! So, it will be a fantastic achievement to go over to the US so perform my music to larger audiences. The aim is to get the material together now - ie the songs given to me by the pop-country writers mentioned above, and record those, have the albums ready, and perform these songs accompanied by some amazing musicians (they have already said they want to be involved!!) and to perform some of my own material as part of that! This would be a really exciting project for me, and I have already set up a pledgemusic campaign to ask followers of my music if they can pledge to help to get me to the US, as well as Europe who have also shown great interest in my playing in various locations!! I am certainly excited about this new venture and am determined to make it happen now that I have the right people working with me!

I have also been asked about doing a few local performances, around Sussex and Surrey, so will have information on some gigs where I will be playing my music to you all for the whole evening! :) Really looking forward to bringing you my songs!

A Little about my latest album release - Live For Now

My Album 'Live For Now' is available online through these digital sites: Amazon, Itunes and CD Baby, amongst others too! The album draws together the songs that I wrote at the beginning of my career in music ranging from sounds that are ethereal to pop-folk. There are tracks such as Relentless, (Produced by Audiobeach Studios) Live For Now (Produced by Mighty K Music who also co-wrote the track) Simple Things by the fantastic T2 Productions who work with major label acts in Japan, and this song was their first 'breakthrough' into the UK market - mastered by Earle Holder who masters for Public Enemy amongst other names.. Travellin' - my first single, (produced again, by Audiobeach Studios) Check out the album at the links below!

I am so happy to say this album is proving to be reasonably popular! So, many thanks to everyone who has shown an interest in the album and purchased it - i hope you enjoy it, and i will be bringing you hard copies of a brand new album very soon, with some exciting new music on it and including my various different projects! :) Watch this space!


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